Blog Aug 31, 2017 · 1 min read

Create React Video v0.2.0🎉

The first public release of Create React Video is now available!

There's still a lot to do but the current version is functional. Yet keep in mind that this is a side project. I decided to make this public to keep me motivated, and I hope this can be useful to others, but I currently have no intention to spend much time on documentation or avoiding doing breaking changes.

To try it out you can install the main package globally and run the generator:

npm install --global create-react-video
create-react-video my-video

Or, if you are a user of Create React App, you can use that instead and avoid installing the extra global package:

create-react-app my-video --scripts-version @robo54/react-scripts

You may get a file already exists, symlink Versions/Current/Electron but everything should still work as expected.

For the export to work you need to have a recent version of ffmpeg installed on your system. Only macOS is supported at the moment.